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What is ParkITLite and ParkIT?

Use your smart phone to prevent expensive parking tickets and tows

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Park.IT, the Mobile App That Helps You Avoid Parking Tickets

'Park.It' App Helps Drivers Avoid Parking Tickets

Park.It makes citations a thing of the past 

CXO Series: Chat with Park.IT Co-founder

Park.IT or Ticket

This App Is a Parking God

This App Warns You When You’re About To Get A Parking Ticket

Park.It App Wants To Help You Avoid Parking Tickets

Parking Ticket-Avoiding App

ParkIT: aplikasi yang memuat semua peraturan parkir mobil di pinggir jalan, dengan fitur memperingatkan pemilik kendaraan untuk menghindari resiko ditilang petugas parkir

Park.IT Lite Parking App Will Make Parking a Doddle

Park.IT, an App that Alert Users When They on the Verge of Getting a Parking Ticket

'Park.It' App Helps Drivers Avoid Parking Tickets

App of the Week: Park.IT

Park.It App Wants To Help You Avoid Parking Tickets

Una app para parqueados

Park.IT App Aims to Make Parking Less of a Hassle

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Park.IT Lite for IPhone

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